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EPHIN Overview

The instrument paper from Reinhold can be found at Müller-Mellin-etal.1995, a short description of the instrument is as follows:

“The Electron Proton Helium INstrument (EPHIN, Müller-Mellin et al. 1995) is part of the Comprehensive Suprathermal and Energetic Particle Analyzer (COSTEP) instrument suite on-board the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). SOHO was launched in December 1995 and has an orbit around the Lagrangian point L1. Figure 1 (left) shows a sketch of the instrument, which consists of six solid-state detectors (labeled A−F) enclosed in a scintilator that acts as anticoincidence (G). The measurements of EPHIN rely on the dE/dx−E method, which yields count rates for different ranges in the silicon detector stack. As described by Müller-Mellin et al. (1995), different ions and even isotopes can be identified based on the energy deposition in the first detector ∆E A and the sum of the energy depositions E in all detectors. In addition to the total counts of these different coincidence conditions, energy losses in each detector are available for a statistical sample of individual particle tracks, allowing a detailed analysis of the measured particles including the calculation of energy spectra for electrons up to ≈10 MeV and ions up to ≈50 MeV/nucleon. In addition, the instrument allows measuring penetrating particles that are combined in an integral channel.” (Kuehl et al. 2015)



Durch die Eichmessungen am Teilchenbeschleuniger wird das Nachweisverhalten des integrierten Instruments mit unterschiedlichen Teilchenspezies bekannter Energie und Einfallsrichtung untersucht.

Der kollimierte Teilchenstrahl am Beschleuniger erlaubt die Bestimmung der Energieauflösung und der Linearität der Meßkanäle durch die Energieverluste in den einzelnen Detektoren und die Analyse der Gesamtenergie der Teilchen durch die Auswertung der koinzident angesprochenen Detektoren. Mit diskreten Stützwerten in der Energie und im Einfallswinkel der Teilchen wird das Simulationsmodell verifiziert und auf den isotropen Teilcheneinfall solarer und galaktischer Teilchen zuverlässig erweitert.

Calibration for the Flight Spare Unit

Runs at GENT with electrons

    if (id.eq.08101415.) then MEVGENT=0.2 endif
    if (id.eq.08101207.) then MEVGENT=0.3 endif
    if (id.eq.08101130.) then MEVGENT=0.4 endif
    if (id.eq.08101057.) then MEVGENT=0.5 endif
    if (id.eq.08101041.) then MEVGENT=0.6 endif
    if (id.eq.08101030.) then MEVGENT=0.7 endif
    if (id.eq.08100931.) then MEVGENT=0.8 endif
    if (id.eq.08100921.) then MEVGENT=0.9 endif
    if (id.eq.08101452.) then MEVGENT=1.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08101500.) then MEVGENT=1.1 endif
    if (id.eq.08101509.) then MEVGENT=1.2 endif
    if (id.eq.08101518.) then MEVGENT=1.3 endif
    if (id.eq.08101531.) then MEVGENT=1.4 endif
    if (id.eq.08101539.) then MEVGENT=1.5 endif
    if (id.eq.08101616.) then MEVGENT=1.6 endif
    if (id.eq.08101634.) then MEVGENT=1.8 endif
    if (id.eq.08101646.) then MEVGENT=2.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08101902.) then MEVGENT=2.2 endif
    if (id.eq.08110923.) then MEVGENT=2.4 endif
    if (id.eq.08101843.) then MEVGENT=2.6 endif
    if (id.eq.08101914.) then MEVGENT=2.8 endif
    if (id.eq.08101923.) then MEVGENT=3.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08101931.) then MEVGENT=3.2 endif
    if (id.eq.08101938.) then MEVGENT=3.5 endif
    if (id.eq.08111040.) then MEVGENT=4.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08111048.) then MEVGENT=4.3 endif
    if (id.eq.08111112.) then MEVGENT=4.5 endif
    if (id.eq.08111121.) then MEVGENT=4.8 endif
    if (id.eq.08111130.) then MEVGENT=5.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08111224.) then MEVGENT=5.2 endif
    if (id.eq.08111235.) then MEVGENT=5.4 endif
    if (id.eq.08111245.) then MEVGENT=5.6 endif
    if (id.eq.08111256.) then MEVGENT=5.8 endif
    if (id.eq.08111437.) then MEVGENT=6.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08111431.) then MEVGENT=6.3 endif
    if (id.eq.08111448.) then MEVGENT=6.6 endif
    if (id.eq.08111500.) then MEVGENT=6.9 endif
    if (id.eq.08111522.) then MEVGENT=7.2 endif
    if (id.eq.08111532.) then MEVGENT=7.5 endif
    if (id.eq.08111542.) then MEVGENT=7.8 endif
    if (id.eq.08111613.) then MEVGENT=8.1 endif
    if (id.eq.08111704.) then MEVGENT=8.4 endif
    if (id.eq.08111720.) then MEVGENT=8.7 endif
    if (id.eq.08111733.) then MEVGENT=9.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08120956.) then MEVGENT=10.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08121016.) then MEVGENT=11.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08121033.) then MEVGENT=11.5 endif
    if (id.eq.08121043.) then MEVGENT=12.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08121056.) then MEVGENT=12.5 endif
    if (id.eq.08121108.) then MEVGENT=13.0 endif
    if (id.eq.08121129.) then MEVGENT=13.5 endif
    if (id.eq.08121148.) then MEVGENT=14.0 endif

HMI Helium (primary energies)

    if (id.eq.07180044.) THEN MEVHMIP = 112.96 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180142.) THEN MEVHMIP = 106.63 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180202.) THEN MEVHMIP = 101.92 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180232.) THEN MEVHMIP = 97.16 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180316.) THEN MEVHMIP = 78.12 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180330.) THEN MEVHMIP = 68.65 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180347.) THEN MEVHMIP = 59.23 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180411.) THEN MEVHMIP = 57.33 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180425.) THEN MEVHMIP = 56.38 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180439.) THEN MEVHMIP = 55.41 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180454.) THEN MEVHMIP = 54.44 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180531.) THEN MEVHMIP = 53.46 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180548.) THEN MEVHMIP = 51.50 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180610.) THEN MEVHMIP = 47.65 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180840.) THEN MEVHMIP = 45.68 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180855.) THEN MEVHMIP = 43.81 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180908.) THEN MEVHMIP = 41.81 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180921.) THEN MEVHMIP = 39.82 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180937.) THEN MEVHMIP = 34.78 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07180951.) THEN MEVHMIP = 32.79 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181003.) THEN MEVHMIP = 30.97 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181018.) THEN MEVHMIP = 29.96 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181032.) THEN MEVHMIP = 27.94 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181045.) THEN MEVHMIP = 25.91 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181131.) THEN MEVHMIP = 23.97 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181145.) THEN MEVHMIP = 19.98 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181234.) THEN MEVHMIP = 17.04 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181258.) THEN MEVHMIP = 16.02 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181318.) THEN MEVHMIP = 13.95 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181440.) THEN MEVHMIP = 10.12 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181458.) THEN MEVHMIP = 9.08 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181547.) THEN MEVHMIP = 8.02 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181610.) THEN MEVHMIP = 6.96 ENDIF
    if (id.eq.07181652.) THEN MEVHMIP = 5.17 ENDIF
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