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SOHO/STEREO (SEPT/COSTEP) meeting from 22.05 to 25.05


  • Workshop: Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics, Leibnitzstraße 11, Room 309 (LS11/R309)
  • Dinner: Restaurant “Forstbaumschule”, Düvelsbeker Weg 46, 24105 Kiel


  • Maximilian Brüdern (CAU)
  • Radoslav Bucik (UG)
  • Nina Dresing (CAU)
  • Wolfgang Dröge (UWU)
  • Raúl Goméz-Herrero (ALCALA)
  • Bernd Heber (CAU)
  • Malte Hörlöck (CAU)
  • Kecskeméty Károly (WIGNER)
  • Yulia Kartavykh (UWU)
  • Andreas Klassen (CAU)
  • Ludwig Klein (CNRS)
  • Alexander Kolhoff (CAU)
  • Patrick Kühl (CAU)
  • Johannes Marquardt (CAU)
  • Fernando Carcaboso Morales (ALCALA, Thursday afternoon and Friday)
  • Daniel Pacheco (UB)
  • Athanasios Papaioannou (NOA)
  • Solveig Theesen (CAU)
  • Rami Vainio (UTU, Thursday and Friday)
  • Adrian Vogt (CAU)
  • Jingnan Guo (CAU)

Collaborative efforst

This are selected issues I got from the e-mail exchange

  • Combined analysis of the origin and propagation of SEPs using particle measurements and radio observations
  • Work with modelers to investigate wide spread of SEPs
  • Collaboration on electron spikes and 3He-rich SEPs
  • Multi spacecraft analysis of Helios events.

Data request

  • High energy electron data from EPHIN
  • Helium isotopes from EPHIN
  • SEPT corrected electrons and at lower energies
  • STEREO HET data
  • LION trustable data

Time schedule

Tuesday, 22.05.2018

Time Topic Speaker
13:30 Welcome and Logistics B. Heber
13:45 Session Instrumentation (general behavior)
13:45 STEREO/SIT R. Bucik
14:00 STEREO/SEPT A. Klassen
14:15 SOHO/LION C. Kecskemety
14:30 SOHO/EPHIN B. Heber
14:45 Coffee break
15:15 Session special topics
15:15 Low energy ions and Jovian electrons, maybe the 450 day periodicity of protons observed by Pamela - Jovian origin? C. Kecskemety
15:45 Jovian Electrons A. Vogt
16:15 LION and Jovian electrons C. Kecskemety
16:30 Preliminary results of the full inversion of electron events observed by Helios D. Pacheco
17:00 Discussion all
20:00 Workshop Dinner (“Forstbaumschule”)

Wednesday, 23.05.2018

Time Topic Speaker
09:00 On the origin of relativistic protons in the solar atmosphere L. Klein
09:40 WSolar Wind Turbulence and Pitch Angle Diffusion in “scatter-free” Electron Events W. Dröge
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Impulsive (3He-rich) solar energetic particle events: ion acceleration and injection into IP space R. Bucik
11:40 New developments concerning the acceleration of suprathermal ions (especially 3He and Fe), comparison of cycle 23 and 24, combining ACE and LION data C. Kecskemety
12:10 Lunch
14:30 quantifying the role of diverging coronal field lines on SEP angular spread: PFSS results R. Goméz-Herrero
15:10 Simulation of particle acceleration at oblique shocks Y. Kartavykh
15:50 Electron spectra N. Dresing
16:30 Coffee break
16:30 Discussion
18:00 Adjourn

Thursday, 24.05.2018

Time Topic Speaker
09:00 SOHO/EPHIN (Integral Channel, He3 to He4, Gamma ray measurements, Public Data Format, …) P.Kühl, B. Heber
09:40 Helios E6 status of the instrument simulation J. Marquardt
10:20 Helios E6 corrected electron time profiles M. Hörlöck
10:50 Coffee break
11:20 Electron corrections R. Gomez-Herrero
11:40 Statistical SEP studies S. Theesen
12:10 ERNE status and a new model for instrument dead time R. Vainio
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Group Photoe
14:10 GLE 72 @ Earth and @ Mars J. Guo
14:50 STEREO/SEPT (determination of Anisotropies) M. Brüdern
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Discussion
18:00 Adjourn

Friday, 25.05.2018

Time Topic Speaker
09:00 STEREO/SEPT (GCR background i.e. crosstalk of Helium and Protons to electron channels ) A. Kolhoff
09:20 suprathermal pitch-angle distributions inside ICMEs Carcaboso
09:40 GLEs and Sub-GLEs A. Papaioannou
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Discussions
12:15 Summary of the workshop B. Heber
12:30 Future task and collaborations
13:00 Closing, lunch and adjourn

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