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AtRIS: The Atmospheric Radiation Interaction Simulator

To download AtRIS plaese clone with git: https://gitlab.physik.uni-kiel.de/ET/AtRIS. NOTE: git namespace of the AtRIS project was changed from banjac to ET!!

AtRIS is a Geant4-based tool specifically designed to enable parametric studies of the interaction of radiation with arbitrary atmospheres. Although its design targeted specifically numerical modeling of exoplanetary atmospheres, its features make it applicable to solar system planets.

An unofficial example project for the case of Mars, including python scripts and a step-by-step guide can be found here (work in progress).

Note: This wiki is currently under development. Extensive examples will be provided no latter then April 2019. If you are eager to start using AtRIS as soon as possible, please contact banjac AT physik . uni-kiel DOT de.

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